Our Programmes

We provide an in-depth learning programme based on the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki. We aim to develop programmes to meet children’s individual needs that Include both planned and child initiated learning experiences which allow for spontaneous learning outcomes. We endeavour to create opportunities for children to develop holistically which means children’s intellectual, social, cultural, physical, emotional, and spiritual learning is interwoven across all experiences. 

A core focus of our programme is to foster children’s home languages and cultural values. We support and empower children to learn and practice their home languages by using basic words, songs, stories and some games in different languages. We strive to achieve this through responsive and reciprocal relationships with parents/families and community. We encourage parents to be an integral part of their children’s learning about cultural values & beliefs, customs and traditions. 

Incorporating Te Reo and all other cultural beliefs and values are important to our learning community. We demonstrate this through basic words, sentences, Karakia, games, our Tikamga practices and our customs, traditions and ways of doing things. Our learning environment is rich in cultural learning and understanding, it is all respected as a living and relevant part of our past, present and furture and upholds the respect we have of the Treaty Of Waitangi and the important role it plays in Early Childhood Education. 

We believe infants need to be cared for with deep respect by people in their lives who understand the unique development and learning occuring for each child. We strive towards respecting for Infants' confidence and competence. This means considering them to be equal, capable of problem solving and decision making, by allowing them to develop and explore at their own pace. 

We have a ‘Fabulous Fours’ programme for 4-5 year old children; which focuses mainly on literacy and numeracy for smooth transition to school. Our programme is comprehensive, skill-based and designed to prepare children for their first year and on-going success in school. This programme is aimed at meeting children’s individual needs and designed to give children opportunities to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun & supportive environment. 

We aim to create a natural learning environment both indoors and outdoors that is stimulating, educational and safe. We set up resources and equipment in a purposeful and provocative way to foster children’s sense of wonder, imagination, curiosity and inquiry. Natural environment provides unique hands-on experiences for children while they are learning many maths and science concepts. Using natural materials gives young children an opportunity to understand how things work in the living, physical world, which in turn can lead to a greater respect for the environment. 

We have created experiences that involve all the senses-taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell-in an enriched environment to stimulate curiosity and assist in brain development. Children are also encouraged to express themselves creatively, thereby strengthening their intellect and building social skills. 

More detailed information about our programme can be found throughout the centre, but please do not hesitate to ask teachers or discuss with the manager if you have any questions.

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